Safety Tips – Circle Lenses or Regular Contact Lenses

With the advancement in technology and research, new products hit the market every now and then, some gain good acceptance from the public while others take time to be accepted and adopted. Contact lenses have been around for quite some time, they have gone through the evolution phase quite a lot; this is why now you see a great variety of contact lenses on the market. What used to be a thing of necessity has now been a thing of fashion. You see the entrance of circle lenses on the market, these lenses are for those who want to make their eyes to look bigger and more colorful while the regular color contacts are for people who just want a subtle color changes in their eyes. There are so many different types of circle contact lenses available in the market these days that sometimes it becomes very hard to buy a particular one.

From the basic looks a circle lens appears just like a regular transparent of colored contact lense, but when you put them on you are able to notice the difference. There is clear difference in the appearance of your eyes for anyone who looks at you; they will realize that your eyes look much bigger and attractive. Boys and girls who have smaller eyes, and want to have a look of bigger eyes, are very fond of these circle lenses.

It is one thing to buy circle contact lenses, but it is a totally different thing to take good care of them. If you use your circle lenses on a regular basis, it is very important to follow certain safety tips to avoid any complications in your eyes. It is essential that you learn and practice good hygiene when handling circle contact lenses, and follow your Eye Care Professional’s instructions. Following are some of the DO’s and DON’T for handling and wearing your circle lenses:

When handling your contact lenses:
• DO use a mild soap or hand wash for washing and rinsing your hands, and make sure to dry your hands completely, thoroughly by means of a lint-free towel before you touch your circle contact lenses.
• DO a thorough checking of your circle lens by putting them on your palm, after making sure that they are well moist, and clean you can put them on.
• DO NOT ever try to put on a damaged circle lens,
• DO NOT touch the circle lens with your fingernails and
• DO NOT ever touch your circle lens if your hands are oily, creamy or have any kind of powder on them.

If you want to enjoy wearing your circle contact lenses every day and want to look pretty all the time with those big shiny eyes, you need to make sure that you follow all the safety tips mentioned above. Any negligence in this regard may cost you both financially and medically.


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Circle Contact Lens Ordering Guide

You can find your preferable circle contact lenses online. Along with the lens store and doctor’s clinics there are many online lens stores which are legitimate place to have your circle lenses. The only difference is buying through online and offline. There are some things that should be remembered which are very helpful for buying contact lenses online. There are some rules and regulations also.

People like to shop online due to its various advantages. The main advantage is that it will save your time and money. You can easily make an order of any product without going to shop. You don’t have to leave your home of office to buy products. You may lots of stock option online which is not always available in regular stores. You can also see different brands. So, you are able to compare their prices and quality within a very short time, which helps to choose your preferable one.

Like regular store, online shopping has also some rules and regulations. You have to obey the rules if you want to buy any product online. Although buying circle contact lenses online offers a great freedom and convenience, but there is strict rule to check your prescription before selling it to you. So, you have to make your prescription ready if you want to buy any contact lens online. It is better to have an updated prescription. You can take more benefits from it. You should go to your eye doctor before buying circle contact lens to confirm that you still have the right prescription. Because, there is a chance of changing eye vision, even your current prescription has not expired yet. So, you need different lenses is such cases.

You may face problem when you buy circle contact lenses online. The most common problem is selecting the perfect online store. You can easily get confused with so many options. There are many large companies as well as very small ones. Some small online shop may provide you the best choice and services. But, you always have to be with expert and reputable one. One good way to check is by researching about the company. You will find huge information about the contact lens company. You will find company information in different blogs, forums or review sites. The company that has a good feedback may be worth considering.

Make sure that you order is correct and accurate. This will help to get the desired product and reduce the replacement problem. When your product arrives be confirmed that its specification math with your desired circle lens. Make sure about the circle lens brand because some shops may not carry your preferable brand. And if you want to change your brand you must contact your doctor. Read the terms and conditions of the online shops before buying circle contact lenses from them. Take time, but choose the right online shop.


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Celebrity Fashion Trends

Isn’t it true that so many of you want to emulate the elegant, modish trend of Hollywood celebrities?

Well! Well! We know the answer is in affirmative!

So are you ready to transform the color of the jewels of your body (the eyes of course) as has been done by many celebrities?


All of us are well aware of the fact that amongst all the senses, vision is the most wonderful; this beautiful gift granted to us by Mother Nature occupies the uppermost place in the human face, so we need to cherish these and look after them too.

So you should be ready to use the circle contact lenses!

Using these lenses, you can transform the hue of your eyes from the one you own to blue, green, purple, grey, brown or any other color!

Circle lenses are fanciful for someone who desires to look special without undergoing through the scalpel of cosmetic surgery. A circle lens is extensively used as a thrilling fashion embellishment to enhance or modify the natural color of the eyes.

Also the circle contact lenses are intended to transform the manifestation of the eyes by changing their hues, dimensions and contours.

These lenses are accessible in the form of remedial as well as non-remedial lenses. Not only are they good for your eyesight, but also can work marvels for your outlook. Especially, the blue colored ones are one of the most accepted selections among big shots currently. Blue lenses are specifically meant for those who aspire to make their eyes sparkle, creating the vivid color of the lustrous blue sky. Furthermore, green color has been accepted among the public figures such as Tyra Banks, Katie Holmes, Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Garner, Pamela Anderson etc. K-pop idol stars have happily adopted these circle lenses, which be different from contact lenses by the remarkable mounting effect that converts your eyes, making them an attractive poise to your looks without enormous hard work. A circle lens may show a discrepancy from gorgeous natural daily looks to immense doll like eyes; it usually comes with significant murky limbal ring design or additional span. You are at liberty to select from gleaming sparkler designs, to the brilliant prototypes.

Another aspect in which the Circle lenses differ from the average contact lenses is that the latter are only highlighted in the regions that wrap the iris of the eyes, while the former have an added dark hue around the external ring of the lens. Circle lenses have acquired marvelous recognition in Asia. Investigation studies have revealed that lassies in Korea, Japan and Taiwan show off circle lenses for beautification reasons.


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Cleaning your Circle Contact Lenses

Circle contact lenses are a superb invention, permitting individuals with faint eyesight to take back that astuteness exclusive of having to wear, big, weighty spectacles.

Nevertheless, since they are placed precisely on your eye, they might become a risk to your health if they are not taken care of properly.

Your eyes are very subtle organs and can effortlessly be aggravated or contaminated. Wearing contact lenses augments this risk, because if they are not appropriately tidied, then they may act as a foreign body to host microbes frankly onto your eyes, very much escalating your likelihood of acquiring infectivity. Consequently it is necessary that you look after your circle lenses and follow a stringent routine each day.

When folks initially began wearing circle contact lenses, it can be very scary as they are not sure about how they should wear them or how they should be cleansed. The custom of wearing and clearing out a contact lens is actually clear-cut.

The foremost thing is to ensure that your hands are entirely clean. Cleanse them meticulously with soap, but make certain to rinse all the soap, because it can bring about irritation if any enters into your eyes. Subsequently, gently take off your lenses and put them on a dirt free plane where they are not likely to be hit away. Procure the case in which you store your circle contact lenses and stuff it with contact lens suspensions that is suitable for the sort of circle lens which you wear.

Cleanse your circle lenses by positioning them in your palm, toting up a small amount of the suspension, and lightly streaming it, guaranteeing that you access all areas of the circle contact lenses. Utilize some extra drops of suspension to rinse your circle lens prior to putting it in the storage space and repeat the same with the other one.

Lastly, place your lenses for round about four hours, if possible all night, so that they can be completely spotless and sanitized by the suspension.

If you follow the aforementioned practices, your circle lenses, will not only be gleaming but all set to utilize steadily the succeeding day.

It is important to read the label on the cleaning solution as they can vary slightly and some of them require you to rub the solution into the lens for a few seconds.


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Circle Lenses Exposed

These days, the users of circle contact lenses are really weighed down by the plentiful assortment of colored lenses that are accessible in the market; and when you are supposed to select amongst them, you are naturally confused. Though you are at liberty to pick whatever fascinates you because the power to choose is solely yours; yet if the consequences don’t turn out in your favor, you will have to bear the brunt. So our sincere advice to you is not to take chances and select the one that really stands out from the others. Why? Yes we are talking about GEO circle lenses, which definitely stand out from all others.

The fact that your eyes are actually two oceans which let you know a story that no one except your beloved will recognize. A GEO circle lens has been calculated and shaped by a trustworthy Korean company referred to as GEO.This sophisticated and pioneering company has dedicated itself to be extra cautious about the health of eyes; it has accomplished plentiful national as well as global certificates for its articles, quality control and novelty. The most significant aspect is that this company has been accepted and licensed by the Korean Food Drugs and Administration, Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, SO and CE.

Besides the above mentioned amazing credentials, there are quite a few other benefits too, which are as follows:

GEO circle lenses are celebrated for their tint and pattern style. Also there are various attractive colors and shades to select from such as brown, black, purple, green blue etc. Another thrilling aspect is that you can discover lenses with a variety of prefigures on the circle contact lenses such as starry impression, butterfly impressions etc.

GEO circle contact lenses, which are not only long-lasting but have appropriate cleaning and storage conveniences; nevertheless we glaringly propose that you use them for six to eight months and then dispose them off and get a new pair.

For those of you who want to have the double benefit of contact lenses i.e. the aspect of good looks as well as that of corrective power, on account of your refractive errors, GEO circle lenses are accessible with corrective power.

GEO circle contact lenses could be ordered online very conveniently.

We also propose you to have an eye test by a qualified ophthalmologist prior to purchasing any lenses. A genuine GEO circle lens vial is available with an exclusive validity number for you to check it online; so that you make certain that you are purchasing the bona fide thing. You can also order from an official GEO lens representative.


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Are Circle Lenses FDA Approved?

Circle contact lenses are supple lenses which are bigger in span than standard colored contact lenses and for this reason present the look of larger and by and large brilliant eyes. They were produced in South Korea quite a few years back and have become a trend in Asia. A lot of Asian superstars have taken pleasure in an attractive appearance which is created by wearing these circle lenses. In the comparatively small space of interactions and advertising, any approach or style that has a compelling tag in one part of the world is liable to drift much more speedily than ten years back, when the use of Internet was not a feature of day by day living. Some choices may be trends whereas the others may not get along, on account of cultural differences; however for girls and women, the demands to augment their eye color and generate the fantasy of bigger, sexy eye looks as if collective has exceeded the way of life and urbanity.

This trend of covering the eyes is now quite familiar as Halloween circle contact lenses, which until now were admired among the activists of mythical beings of folklore tales, during the Halloween season; the idea was to finalize the crucial outfit. At the same time, the usage of a big colored circle lens is obtaining fame among those employed in costume play. Though FDA in US has not yet accepted them, yet they have been time-honored by the Korean Food and Drug Administration on the perspective that they have been found to be harmless.Now, an interesting thing is that despite not have been acknowledged by the FDA, the circle lenses are being purchased online by the girls and women who belong to US. So when so many ladies of US are interested in buying the circle lenses, the best policy that the American FDA could go in for is to convince some large US based lens manufacturer to create safe circle lenses and expedite their endorsement so that US women may have an ease of trading these and getting them fit accurately in their own country and accept a suitable instruction.

Until a time that the US, FDA backs up the circle contact lenses, the American girls and women will only be left with the option of purchasing them online or else if they visit some country as a tourist, then they can purchase these from that country.


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