Can Contact Lenses Make Eyes Look Bigger?

Do you know the secret of enticing men? Hey girls and ladies we are addressing you! So lend us your ears ……

We are going to tell you an effortless secret which you can use to immediately look seductive!

Of course you do.

Do you know that males are vision fellows who possess a tunnel vision? So unless you are gifted with the guts to impress and excite somebody greatly, it’s quite hard to make a man yours, by being everything from a simpleton to a super clever lady. Don’t ever endeavor to be over-clever or showy!

Just be natural and pose as if your alluring manners are just your way of communicate yourself when you move around. They should not find it tough to know your personality!
Men really crave your lips, your hair, your flesh and your eyes, especially the sexy ones…..

Sex is a power, each one of us is born with and most of it is in your eyes. With bigger, beautiful and shadowy eyes, you can conquer any man for sure because he can read the truth inside you through those, which operate as an open book.

But the billion dollar query is how to make your eyes/pupils look bigger?

The answer is very straight-forward i.e. via circle contact lenses, which not only make the pupils of the eyes seem bigger but also doll-like/doe-like/animation look. The look of bigger eyes has been generally liked by many Asian women in South Korea, Singapore, Japan and other countries. Despite the fact that a few hazards are associated with wearing a circle lens, yet not for any such person, who learns all the pros and cons linked with its usage. This small piece of plastic works wonders for anybody who wears it.Nevertheless, you need to understand that circle contact lenses work accurately only when they have the correct prescription and they are prepared in such a way that they mount acceptably. A circle lens, which is overly elevated will not only be uneasy but will create an indistinct image. The reason has to do with the distance between the face of the cornea and the rear of the lens. On the other hand, a lens which is overly flat will not focus appropriately and the boundaries will raise the white of the eye. The circle contact lenses need to remain hydrated if they are to work suitably.

So when do you plan to achieve your sexy looks of bigger pupils?


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Getting the Asian Ulzzang Look Every Girl Wants

Ulzzang is a Korean word that means “best face”. This is the literal translation of the word and this word has become popular and expanded in different cultures. It originally refers to South Korean style of having small lips, large eyes, pale milky complexion and high nose bridges. These are all qualities of best looking Korean fashion models and this style became popular because of Cyworld picture contests. In these contests, people use to vote for the best stylish model. As Ulzzang style is getting popular, there are ways in which you can get this look. Read the following article to know all about this look and how to achieve it. There are four steps to achieve this look.

1) Getting large eyes and small lips is the first step of this style. If you don’t originally have large eyes, Using circle contact lenses can help you in getting the illusion of large eyes. These circle lenses can create the illusion of Ulzzang beauty for any person having small or medium sized eyes. Before using circle lenses, you should see an ophthalmologist to make sure that your eyes are of right type to use them because people having shape issues or astigmatism should not use them. You can also give an effect of having large eyes with the help of makeup. Using a thin eye liner, paired with contact lenses will make your eyes look large. Using false eye lashes and applying the mascara to the tip of them can give you the desired look. Just make sure that eye lashes are not too thick as they can spoil your look. Use nude eye shadows and natural colored lipsticks to keep make up safe. In Ulzzang style, you have to highlight your own natural beauty and emphasis on it my keeping it simple and effortless. Use natural looking makeup and nude eye shades and avoid a lot of dramatic colors. Glossy skin tones look best in this style

2) Skinny jeans, vintage print T-shirts and oversized sweaters are very popular in Uzzang culture. Skinny jeans of all colors are worn by both girls and boys. Unusual artistic prints especially off-centered on the shirts are very popular. Screen printed, handmade n shirts having cartoon characters are worn in these styles. Both oversized and regular fit sweaters in bright colors seem attractive in this style. Girlfriend and boyfriend even match their dresses and accessories to look cute and unique. This style often revolves around in photographs. If you want to be a part of this style, try wearing matching or complimentary colors instead of identical dresses.

3) Ulzzang style haircut involves natural colored hair cut in layers and having side swept bangs. Instead of having dramatic highlights, natural hair color is preferable. Boys have medium length hair with side swept bangs, whereas girls have bangs with loosely curled or straight hair. The bangs can also be straight or side swept depending on your preference. This style mostly involves in having chestnut colored or dark brown colored hair instead of blonde. Try getting a hair style that enhances your natural beauty and features.

4) Ulzzangs know how to dress up and look good. Ulzzangs may not be very attractive or good looking but they know how to utilize technology to get attractive pictures. So, having a mobile with good camera and some photoshop apps can make you look attractive like Ulzzangs.


Best Circle Contact Lens Review

What You Should Know Before Buying Circle Lenses

Circle contact lenses are widely used due to its various advantages. If you are one of those who want to buy circle lenses then it is very important to consider many factors. Obviously, you can improve your eyes color and appearance greatly by using color circle lenses, but one thing always should be kept in your mind that all lenses are not the same. You have to the time to think intellectually to choose the correct color lens to have comfortable wear and attractive new eye color.

Think about the lens company from where you are buying circle lenses

People always use lenses for the improvement of their eyes. So, one thing should be remembered in your mind that safety should be given the first priority while you are buying a circle contact lens. Be sure about that the company from where you are purchasing the contact lenses is specialized on manufacturing lens. You may find many companies in the market which sell their products without any guarantee of quality, or safety. It is very necessary to find a company which gives the guarantee of high quality contact lens and the lenses are produced by the materials which are comfortable and safe to use on the eyes.

Double check the color that is applied to it

There are mainly two manufacturing processes of circle lenses. You can find many companies which use color on the outside part and there are some companies that put the color inside. It is recommended that you should buy such types of lenses which are manufactured with the color applied inside it. These give guarantees that the color will not start to flake or peel off during wearing lenses. Otherwise, it may create a great injury or damage to your eyes.

Be confirmed that the company is safe

When you are buying lenses through internet, it is important to be confirmed for the sign that the website from where you are buying is safe and protected. It is also very important to ensure about the safety and protection of your personal and credit card information.

Take your time to find a reputable store to purchase your circle contact lenses
The price of circle lenses is mostly depending on the place from where you are buying them. There many websites which offer them for 20 dollars while you may find some companies that will charge more than 40 dollars for one lens. But, it is important to compare between different companies based on their customer service and reputation
You may find numerous website and shop for buying circle contact lenses and you can easily buy them without having the need to go.


Best Circle Lenses Review

Different Types of Contact Lenses

There are mainly two types of contact lenses, soft contact lenses and rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact lenses. Both of the lenses require a valid prescription. The soft contact lens is basically soft and flexible. A bit like a piece of thick cling film making them more comfortable than rigid gas permeable lenses to use. It is made of plastic as well as other materials like silicone-hydrogels that help to allow more oxygen to the cornea during using it.

Rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact lenses are more durable than soft contact lenses and give a sound and clearer vision. It is made of plastics and other materials like silicone or fluoropolymer. Recently more improvement has been done to allow more oxygen through the lens. It is smaller than the soft lens which is placed within the coronal area. It has a high range of materials, good ability of setting, variety of design designs and power. Some users believed that it is healthier in terms of long-term full time use than soft contact lenses. The main disadvantage of this lens is it requires more time to get used than soft lenses. But, by using regularly, it may be comfortable for the users.

The soft contact lenses are the first choice of the most contact lens users. It can be different types depending on how someone wants to wear it.

Extended wear contact lenses are usually used for overnight with a range of one to six nights. But, it should be removed at least once in a week for thorough cleaning and sterilization. It is suggested that it is not right to use it continuously overnight. Due to continuous uses of the lens the possibility of corneal infection increase.

Disposable-wear lenses sometimes referred to as “disposable” by lens seller. They are less expensive but more convenient to use. It is removed in every night and should be replaced daily to monthly basis. After that it is thrown away. Disposable-wear lenses are often prescribed for the people who have allegoric problem. It should be cleaned perfectly before reusing it.

Bifocal or multifocal contact lenses can be both soft lens and Rigid-Gas-Permeable (RGP) Contact Lenses. Sterilization and cleaning depended on lens materials. They have less visual quality comparable to single vision lens. They are mainly prescribed for the people to correct presbyopia.

Circle contact lenses are the lenses which are used to change eye color or appearance. In the case of circle contact lenses they also enhance the appearance of your eyes. Circle lenses make your eyes appear larger as they have an extra-wide outer ring which makes the iris of your eyes bigger.


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Tips to Avoid Contact Lens Infections

For those who do not like eyeglasses, contact lenses can be a convenient and effective alternative to correct common vision problems. If that’s the case, it is important that you take certain precautions and follow certain tips to avoid contact lens infections. You need to be very careful when handling and cleaning your circle lenses as may otherwise provoke infections or eye injury.

Before we discuss each of the 10 tips, it is important to make a distinction between the regular contact lens and a circle lens. In broader terms a circle lens is the same as a common contact lense except that it has a certain shape and design which makes your eyes look bigger and brighter. There is a colored circle on the outer edge of these lenses; therefore they are termed as circle lenses. So, here are 10 tips to protect your sight when you wear circle contact lenses.

1. Wash and dry your hands before handling circle lenses. Use unscented soap because those perfumes and oils may leave a film in your hands which may cause you irritation. Also, keep your fingernails short to avoid damaging the lens or hurt your eye while you put them on.
2. Do not use tap water to clean contact lenses or rinses them with saliva (both contain dangerous bacteria that can cause infections). And do not use salt water made at home, because it can also cause infections.
3. Use cleaning solutions recommended by your ophthalmologist and follow the instructions for proper usage and storage.
4. Take your circle contact lenses off before going swimming or taking a hot shower.
5. If you’re going to put make up, do it after wearing your lenses.
6. Each time you take off your lenses, wash and disinfect them properly for next use (whether they are disposable or not).
7. Keep the storage case very neat and clean. Wash it with the same special lens solution (do not wash with water) and leave them empty and open to air dry.
8. Replace lenses (and kits containing them) from time to time as advised by your specialist.
9. Check your circle contact lenses intermittently. Those who are old and do not fit well can hurt your eye cornea or cause the growth of blood vessels into the cornea.
10. Do not use eye drops when wearing circle lenses, unless they are specific to the type of contact lens you are using and the specialist has recommended them.

Please note that if you have frequent eye infections, severe allergies, dry eyes, or work in a dusty place, you are not a candidate for contact lenses. Under such circumstance you need to talk to your ophthalmologist (a medical eye specialist) about other options to enjoy good vision, comfortably and safety. The circle contact lenses are fancy items, you can use them occasionally but if you want to use them on regular basis, you need to double check with your eye doctor.


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Tips for Removing Soft Contact Lenses

In any party, you will always try to make yourself look beautiful. It is so normal that you will use a soft circle lens to make your eyes look cool. However, it can be difficult to remove those soft contact lenses, and may cause a harmful effect. If you maintain some sorts of easy techniques, you will not face the difficulty.

There some tips that will help you to remove a soft contact lens. We know that soft circle lenses are prepared from flexible plastics that can be so much handy to our day after day busy life. You should clean and replace the circle contact lenses perfectly. If a little amount of lenses remains inside your eyes, this is enough to damage your eyes. Therefore, removing of soft circle contact lenses from your eyes must be done efficiently.

At first, you should find out the exact direction of cleaning your circle contact lenses. You should get adapted to the direction. You have to find out the possible ways of removing the soft lenses from the eyes. You can consult with the practitioner to apply the effective measures to remove the lenses.

Then, you should go through the lens-care production manual, and hold the appropriate directions of removing the circle contact lenses from the eyes. If you fail to become convinced and sure from the information about the lens-care manual, you should contact with the nearest physician.

You should wash your hands, and rinse them just before you are handling your lens. Fragrance free soap is having the highest importance to wash your hands.

Another step is to use two to three drops of saline water along with lubricating drops for removing the contact lens for ten minutes. This will soften the lens and hold moisture content. This will help to keep the circle contact lens wet while removing it.

You should go for using a soft towel to remove the lens. A soft, fresh, and bacteria free towel should be used in order to stay away from any kind of infection. At the time of working on the sink, you have to lock the drain, and dry it up. You should use a washcloth to cover the drain portion.

Then, bring out the right lens first, followed by the left one. You have to slide the circle contact lens down, and let it come outside your eyes smoothly. Use your fingertips, if you find that lens is coming outside. You should grab the lens as soon as it bunch up. You should do all these so carefully.


Best Circle Contact Lenses Review