Best Circle Lens Review

Circle lenses have become one of the top growing fashion trends in North America. Teens and young adults are jumping on this new craze after seeing famous celebrities like Lady Gaga wear circle lenses in her “Bad Romance” video. With this growing trend, new brands are emerging every day claiming bigger and better circle lenses. The question most people ask is: What is the best circle lens? This is why we did some intensive research into reviewing the best circle lenses available now.

First, we did a comparison test of the top 10 brands and the styles each of them offered. Most of them had over 100 designs each. They each had their own distinct style and offered smaller lenses for a more natural look to lenses which were 15.0mm and higher (the standard contact lens diameter is 14.0mm).

Second, we compared the comfort of these brands by wearing the lenses for 6-8 hours a day for a whole week. We found that the Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) and Extended Wear contact lenses were not as comfortable as the Soft contact lenses. These contact lenses are made to last longer which is why they are made a little harder and do not conform to you eyes as easily.

Third, we looked at the prices for each brand of circle lens. The prices were relatively the same, ranging from $25 to $50. Compared to normal contact lenses you purchase from the optometrist, this is very inexpensive.

Lastly, we compared each of the brands based on their safety. Safety was one of the most important factors we considered because we found that many of the circle lenses we tested did not comply to health and safety standards.

After performing these tests on the top 10 brands of circle lenses, we found one to stand out the most. These were circle lenses by Geo Medical Co., Ltd. The reason why Geo circle lenses stood out from all the rest is because it fulfilled and exceeded all of our tests in terms of design, comfort, price and safety. There are hundreds of styles and designs, the circle lenses are Soft contact lenses which conform to eyes more easily, had reasonable prices and was one of the only brands which were approved by the US FDA and Health Canada (among many other health certificates they have).

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