Getting the Asian Ulzzang Look Every Girl Wants

Ulzzang is a Korean word that means “best face”. This is the literal translation of the word and this word has become popular and expanded in different cultures. It originally refers to South Korean style of having small lips, large eyes, pale milky complexion and high nose bridges. These are all qualities of best looking Korean fashion models and this style became popular because of Cyworld picture contests. In these contests, people use to vote for the best stylish model. As Ulzzang style is getting popular, there are ways in which you can get this look. Read the following article to know all about this look and how to achieve it. There are four steps to achieve this look.

1) Getting large eyes and small lips is the first step of this style. If you don’t originally have large eyes, Using circle contact lenses can help you in getting the illusion of large eyes. These circle lenses can create the illusion of Ulzzang beauty for any person having small or medium sized eyes. Before using circle lenses, you should see an ophthalmologist to make sure that your eyes are of right type to use them because people having shape issues or astigmatism should not use them. You can also give an effect of having large eyes with the help of makeup. Using a thin eye liner, paired with contact lenses will make your eyes look large. Using false eye lashes and applying the mascara to the tip of them can give you the desired look. Just make sure that eye lashes are not too thick as they can spoil your look. Use nude eye shadows and natural colored lipsticks to keep make up safe. In Ulzzang style, you have to highlight your own natural beauty and emphasis on it my keeping it simple and effortless. Use natural looking makeup and nude eye shades and avoid a lot of dramatic colors. Glossy skin tones look best in this style

2) Skinny jeans, vintage print T-shirts and oversized sweaters are very popular in Uzzang culture. Skinny jeans of all colors are worn by both girls and boys. Unusual artistic prints especially off-centered on the shirts are very popular. Screen printed, handmade n shirts having cartoon characters are worn in these styles. Both oversized and regular fit sweaters in bright colors seem attractive in this style. Girlfriend and boyfriend even match their dresses and accessories to look cute and unique. This style often revolves around in photographs. If you want to be a part of this style, try wearing matching or complimentary colors instead of identical dresses.

3) Ulzzang style haircut involves natural colored hair cut in layers and having side swept bangs. Instead of having dramatic highlights, natural hair color is preferable. Boys have medium length hair with side swept bangs, whereas girls have bangs with loosely curled or straight hair. The bangs can also be straight or side swept depending on your preference. This style mostly involves in having chestnut colored or dark brown colored hair instead of blonde. Try getting a hair style that enhances your natural beauty and features.

4) Ulzzangs know how to dress up and look good. Ulzzangs may not be very attractive or good looking but they know how to utilize technology to get attractive pictures. So, having a mobile with good camera and some photoshop apps can make you look attractive like Ulzzangs.


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