Safety Tips – Circle Lenses or Regular Contact Lenses

With the advancement in technology and research, new products hit the market every now and then, some gain good acceptance from the public while others take time to be accepted and adopted. Contact lenses have been around for quite some time, they have gone through the evolution phase quite a lot; this is why now you see a great variety of contact lenses on the market. What used to be a thing of necessity has now been a thing of fashion. You see the entrance of circle lenses on the market, these lenses are for those who want to make their eyes to look bigger and more colorful while the regular color contacts are for people who just want a subtle color changes in their eyes. There are so many different types of circle contact lenses available in the market these days that sometimes it becomes very hard to buy a particular one.

From the basic looks a circle lens appears just like a regular transparent of colored contact lense, but when you put them on you are able to notice the difference. There is clear difference in the appearance of your eyes for anyone who looks at you; they will realize that your eyes look much bigger and attractive. Boys and girls who have smaller eyes, and want to have a look of bigger eyes, are very fond of these circle lenses.

It is one thing to buy circle contact lenses, but it is a totally different thing to take good care of them. If you use your circle lenses on a regular basis, it is very important to follow certain safety tips to avoid any complications in your eyes. It is essential that you learn and practice good hygiene when handling circle contact lenses, and follow your Eye Care Professional’s instructions. Following are some of the DO’s and DON’T for handling and wearing your circle lenses:

When handling your contact lenses:
• DO use a mild soap or hand wash for washing and rinsing your hands, and make sure to dry your hands completely, thoroughly by means of a lint-free towel before you touch your circle contact lenses.
• DO a thorough checking of your circle lens by putting them on your palm, after making sure that they are well moist, and clean you can put them on.
• DO NOT ever try to put on a damaged circle lens,
• DO NOT touch the circle lens with your fingernails and
• DO NOT ever touch your circle lens if your hands are oily, creamy or have any kind of powder on them.

If you want to enjoy wearing your circle contact lenses every day and want to look pretty all the time with those big shiny eyes, you need to make sure that you follow all the safety tips mentioned above. Any negligence in this regard may cost you both financially and medically.


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