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5 Ways Argan Oil & Vitamin C Can Help Your Skin After Sun Exposure

If you’re prone to getting a sunburn, we’ve got a little something that could help: argan oil. This exotic, aromatic liquid is pressed from the nut of an indigenous Moroccan tree called the argan tree, and is sold regularly in Morocco for natural skincare and haircare treatments. 

Together with Vitamin C, argan oil can effectively heal your skin after a sunburn. Here are 5 reasons why you think about using argan oil for sunburn:


Moisture is a crucial treatment for sunburn, as hydrating the skin can allow for skin cell rejuvenation and survival. Argan oil delivers moisture directly into skin layers and stimulates natural moisturizing, giving your skin long-lasting hydration and helping it to heal more effectively.


Argan oil contains a number of anti-inflammatory properties, which help fight swelling and boost collagen. This allows the skin to heal more effectively more quickly. Argan oil also contains a number of vitamins: Vitamins A, E and C assist in burn recovery and new cell creation.


Many people don’t know that even after exposure, UV rays absorbed by the skin continue to burn. By infusing skin cells with soothing moisture and essential vitamins from argan oil and vitamin C, your skin layers cool down quickly. This will result in a reduction in redness of the skin.


Argan oil is rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants, which offer amazing cellular protection against free radicals and UV rays. The ascorbic acid in vitamin C is also an excellent antioxidant. Together, they strengthen epidermal and subdermal cells both before and after sun exposure.


Vitamin C is an extremely effective treatment for sunburn as it can help with skin cell survival. This will also help to prevent peeling of the skin and lower the risk of skin damage. There is even evidence to show that Vitamin C can help reduce the risk of skin cancer!


If you’re worried about getting a sunburn, or know that your skin is prone to getting sunburnt, you can use argan oil sun protection preventatively. Just apply a few drops onto your skin in the morning or before You can also use argan oil sun protection preventatively; just apply a few drops on your skin in the morning or before going in the sun.

Of course, the benefits of argan oil and Vitamin C + E Ferulic Acid Serum go way beyond sunburn and sun protection. Find out more about their curative and anti-aging properties by checking out other blog articles or contacting our helpful experts.

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How To Reduce Fine Lines On Your Forehead With Vitamin C Serum

If you’ve been frustrated with your forehead wrinkles, but don’t want to go to the extremes of Botox, vitamin C serum infusion might be the ideal solution for you. Formulas like vitamin C + E ferulic acid serum increases collagen production to fill in fine lines and make the skin look smoother, brighter and even more vibrant.


Vitamin C is an antioxidant, and it destroys oxidants that damage the skin and contribute to aging. In addition to protecting the skin, serums infused with vitamin C increase the production of collagen, the substance that keeps the skin youthful and soft. The production of collagen lessens as we age, and contributes to wrinkles as collagen helps keep our skin tight. So if you’re frustrated by those pesky forehead lines, this vitamin C serum treatment is a great option.

A word to the wise about vitamin C treatments- you want to make sure to choose a product with a dermatologist-tested form of vitamin C. This will make sure the treatment won’t irritate the skin, which it can with forms of vitamin C such as absorbic acid or magnesium ascorbyl phosphate. Look for formulas with a vitamin C concentration of 10 to 15 percent- this is ideal for the skin.


If you’re worried about wrinkles or lines on your forehead, don’t worry: a vitamin C serum treatment is very easy to incorporate into your skincare routine and will help remove these lines. You should add it to your existing morning and before bed skincare routine: before you apply moisturizer but after toner. This will help your skin absorb the ingredients for optimal effect.

Simply apply two to three drops of the serum on clean skin after applying your toner twice a day. This will give you a great youthful glow, one that doesn’t require injections or invasive treatments! After applying it in the morning, make sure to follow up the serum with a good sunscreen of at least SPF 30. You can also consider supplementing with DermaC+ Anti-aging Serum for an extra boost of collagen as well as elastin, which will help to repair and nourish the skin.

Another great option for anyone looking to revolutionize their skincare routine is the Derma Roller System. These are affordable, high-quality products that work to reverse the effects of aging and acne while nourishing and protecting the skin, giving it a youthful and healthy glow. Shop online to explore the full array of our natural and effective formulas.

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5 Ways Microneedling Can Change Your Skin

If you keep yourself up-to-date on the latest skincare trends and techniques, you might be wondering what a vampire facial is. More formally known as microneedling, this procedure is a quick and relatively painless treatment that can improve your skin’s health and overall appearance naturally.


We all know that regular exfoliation is a necessary treatment to prevent breakouts, spots, and wrinkles, but not everyone has the time or money to invest in exfoliation. That’s where microexfoliating comes in. Using a microexfoliating roller that goes over the surface of your skin, in a matter of minutes you can remove dead skin cells and stimulate your skin’s healing process and gain, in a matter of minutes, many benefits to your skin. Microexfoliating rollers work on the following conditions effectively:


Scars can make us lose our confidence, and be a source of self-consciousness. Whether from surgery or a minor injury, we know that scars can be very annoying and hard to hide. Creams and other dermatological procedures might give you unexpected results, and dermalexfoliation is a great alternative. By stimulating the skin with a dermaroller that has microneedles in it, the dermaroller triggers the skin’s healing process, and produces more collagen. This collagen then can break down the scar tissue, which causes scars to fade. 


Discolorations in your skin tone can arise for a number of reasons, and can be frustrating for those of us who seek more uniform looking skin. A Micro Needle Dermaroller is safe for all skin shades, and its exfoliating process can help restore the upper layer of skin, and give it a natural and even tone. In addition, dermarolling with organic skincare serums and creams can also stimulate the delivery of nutrients to the skin and make it even more even and radiant.


As we age, our bodies produce less and less collagen and elastin, those ingredients that help make our skin smooth and healthy. As a result, wrinkles appear in the skin. They are Wrinkles are a natural byproduct of aging, lifestyle and other factors, and can be frustrating to see. Luckily, regular use of a microneedle roller and proper skincare products can boost the production of collagen and elastin, leaving your skin smoother and plumper in look and feel.


Acne can be very difficult to control and even harder to prevent. One of the most common skin conditions out there, breakouts can be very frustrating to deal with. Dermarolling can help your skin to absorb acne treatment products even better, which will give your acne the best treatment possible. The important thing to know is when your acne is active and when it isn’t. Dermarolling should only be done when the acne has subsided, or during an inactive breakout period. Make sure to not use Dermarolling when your acne is active!

We want to take the stress and worry out of your skincare routine. Flawless and healthy skin doesn’t have to be a full-time job, and you deserve youthful and healthy skin for life. The Derma Roller System is committed to natural health and beauty, and we encourage you to contact us with any of your questions or concerns!

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Pollution-Fighting Skin Care Products

You may be the most hygienic person out there, but no matter what you do, we are all faced with invisible pollutants every time we step outside our doors. So, if we do our best to stay inside, we’ll be okay then, right? Wrong. At times, indoor air is even worse than outdoor air because of the microscopic particles it harbors.  If your skin is unprotected, you’ll find both the innermost and outermost layers damaged by the air around you.

However, there are steps you can take to protect your skin. You’ll find several anti-pollution products designed to fight dirty air and keep your skin glowing. We’ve listed some of the best products below.


Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and ferulic acid are some of the most powerful ingredients you can find to fight against dirty particles and sulphur dioxide, saving you from damage and skin aging. Ferulic acid, an ingredient that has more recently been discovered and put to use in the beauty industry because of its ability to fight pollution, is an antioxidant that naturally occurs in plants. Both Vitamins C and E are also antioxidants that protect the exposed layer of your skin from environmental pollution and inflammation.

An “antioxidant” is a substance that inhibits oxidation or oxidative stress. This stress disturbs your body’s ability to detoxify and repair and also causes wrinkles along with other premature aging symptoms. Oxidative stress happens when oxygen molecules break up into single atoms containing unpaired electrons referred to as free radicals. These free radicals search the body for other electrons with which they can pair, damaging cells along the way. When you consume and apply external products that contain antioxidants, your skin is better able to repair itself and fight off free radicals.  

Throughout the summer, try DermaCell C+ Anti-Aging Serum on your face and skin every day to help combat the aging effects of air pollution and encourage naturally produced protective collagen to maintain your skin’s elasticity and protective barrier.


This acid is one that is often used in natural skin products to nourish the skin; in fact, it occurs naturally in your skin and connective tissues already to keep it moist. Hyaluronic acid is so powerful that it can hold many times its weight in water, blocking out pollution.

One of the effects of aging is that your body produces less hyaluronic acid which leaves your skin exposed to dehydration and pollutants. By applying top-quality hyaluronic acid to your face, you can offset this process, but be sure to select paraben-free products that don’t have added fragrance or color dye. Rub some into your skin each morning before exposing yourself to polluted air.


Now that you know your skin is constantly being exposed to pollutants that could very negatively affect it, you also know how important it is to keep your outer layer protected, nourished, and radiant through high-quality products designed to do this. As you choose what’s right for you, just make sure you’re using products that are natural, pollution-fighting, and without parabens, fragrances, or other harmful ingredients. Apply these products on a daily basis for the best results, keeping your skin youthful, glowing, and pollution-free!

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Skin Types and Care

Signs of Aging

The first signs of aging are wrinkles, which start to show up around the age of 30. At this point, your collagen production significantly decreases causing your skin to lose much of its elasticity and tone. Each year, more wrinkles appear and deepen around your nose, eyes, and mouth, and the skin begins to sag, giving your face a persistently tired look. The process is accelerated by sunlight which also causes “age spots,” or unattractive areas of pigmentation.

Facial care is crucial for counteracting the aging process, so we recommend using anti-aging day-and-night sera or nourishing face masks.

Blemished Skin

Some only associate things like blackheads, spots, and oily red skin with puberty, but unfortunately for most, they continue on into adulthood mainly because of hormonal imbalances, unhealthy lifestyles, or stress.

Prevention starts with daily, nourishing skincare along with a healthy lifestyle – diet and exercise. Products that contain vitamin A or purifying cleansing masks are especially beneficial.

Sensitive Skin

If you have skin that gets irritated easily or reddens quickly, whether from the environment, certain care products, or other factors, mostly likely you have sensitive skin.

If you use the right products, you can begin to sooth and strengthen your skin’s natural protective barrier to avoid irritation. The best way to care for sensitive skin is to use a serum specially formulated for your skin type, regular enzyme peels, and gentle facial masks.

Dry Skin

Some skin types find that their oil and moisture regulation is impaired, causing the skin to feel slightly to very tight and even become cracked, itchy, or red in certain areas. Since your skin isn’t able to store enough moisture, the natural protective layer is gone; this most often is caused by too much sunlight, extreme care products, or an unhealthy diet.

The cure for dry skin is easy – provide moisture! Use moisturizing masks, face lotions, leave it slightly wet after the shower, and most importantly, drink lots of water.

Enlarged Pores

An impaired skin surface combined with an excessive production of sebum results in larger pores, coarse skin, and a tendency for your T zone to become oily. Since the pores grow larger due to clogging, your skin ends up having a course structure.

If your skin possesses these characteristics, use light creams rather than greasy or oily products. Using pore-refining facial masks once or twice a week will also do wonders.

Oily Skin

If your skin has a tendency to be oily, especially in the forehead, nose, and chin area, it means your skins production of sebum (skin oil) is higher. As a result, you end up with a constant sheen which feels oily to the touch and blocked pores which lead to blackheads and other blemishes.

Makeup can cure this temporarily, but a more permanent cure is to use care that gently cleans your pores and has a balancing effect.

Pigment Spots

Those smooth brown spots you may be finding on your skin are pigment spots caused by too much time in the sun. They can also appear on your décolletage.

The most vital prevention tactic is to use sunscreen; use it every day, even during the winter. If you already have these spots, you can find special products created to reduce the appearance of them, so make a visit to the beauty salon to find one that works for you!